September 2002

A virtual meeting (via e-mail)of the Board of Directors of the Capital Area Archivists was held in late September, after a cancellation of a September 18 meeting due to multiple conflicts.

E-mails were sent to all members of the Board of Directors by Jean Root Mahalov, President of CAA, with an agenda and brief discussion of items to be addressed. Responses received from Board members have been compiled into the minutes below.

I. Minutes
The minutes of the December 12, 2001 meeting were approved.

II. Financial Report
Brian Keough submitted the Treasurer’s report for FY2001/02 (July 1, 2001 – June 30, 2002):
Checkbook balance, 07/1/01 $1,295.32

Revenue $545.00
Dues: $545.00

Expenses $89.40
Hospitality (room rental) – $35.00
Mailing supplies – $54.40

Checkbook balance, 06/30/02 $1,750.92

III. Membership
Rich Sloma submitted the membership report. The 2002 membership/membership renewal drive results were as follows:

Renewals received: 45 New memberships: 3 Total: 48 paid memberships

There was also one generous member who donated a membership “for someone in school or unemployed.”
These numbers represent a considerable drop from last year. 2001 results were:

Renewals received: 56 New memberships: 11 Total: 67 paid memberships

IV. CAA Newsletter
There is a general consensus that the newsletter ought to come out at least twice a year. We will aim to have a Spring and a Fall newsletter. Brian commented that we should plan to have them done and mailed out in time to promote Spring and Fall programs.

If you have any items you would like to submit for the next newsletter please send them to Brian Keough ( or Molly Gossen (

V. Fall Program
People like idea of NYS Military Museum [originally suggested by Susan D’Entremont] although there was some concern expressed about Saratoga being a bit to far to attract some members. Other suggestions included the Emma Willard School in Troy and Albany Academy in Albany.

Other suggestions for a fall program or someone willing to help arrange a fall program at either of the above venues should contact Jean Root Mahalov at

VI. Upcoming events
There is a joint MARAC/NEA conference in Poughkeepsie, NY from October 24 – 26. Capital Area Archivists will be sponsoring a beverage break at the conference. For more information and a copy of the program, go to:

The 7th Annual Capital Region Archives Dinner is Wednesday, October 9, 2002 at the Fort Orange Club in Albany. The featured speaker is Matthew Kirk of Hartgen Archaeological Associates, who will speak about the use of archives in unearthing the archaeology of 18th century Albany. For more information contact Susan D’Entremont at, (518) 438-2500.

VII. Board Members
Amy Schindler, the new Curator of Manuscripts at the M.E. Grenander Dept. of Special Collections and Archives at the University at Albany, has volunteered to take over from Kevin Glick as Web Editor. We need to address the issue of where to put the web page. Rich had previously explored getting our own domain name (“” or something like that), but as of yet we have not followed through on that. It would be especially good if it were somewhere readily accessible as webmasters do change from time to time. Brian suggested the possibility of moving the web page to somewhere on the SUNY Archives’ server. Any volunteers to look into all this?

We still have no Vice-President. Please submit any possible nominees to Jean Root Mahalov ( ).

VIII. Other Business
Jean reports that last Spring’s program at the Rensselaer County Historical Society drew a small but enthusiastic audience. Only 12 (or so) people attended, but the size of the group made it very interesting and informative for those who were there. Jim Corsaro and friends were our gracious hosts as we toured their newly renovated facilities.

A couple of suggestions have been submitted for future events and programs:

Contacting the SAA student group at SISP and possibly doing a joint program with them, perhaps with an invited speaker [and indeed becoming overall more involved with the SAA student group!].
Sponsoring an archival workshop, perhaps presented by the NEDCC.

If you have ideas about interesting speakers or workshop topics you would be interested in, please contact Jean.

Jean reports that, sadly, Caleb Derven has decided to leave the Board of CAA. We are looking for a few good board members! Any suggestions [if so, please forward them to Jean]? It would be good to get some representatives from smaller repositories, non-academic repositories, etc.

Also, does anyone know the whereabouts of Katherine Chansky? Is she still a member? Does she have an email?

Respectfully submitted,
Molly Beisler