December 17, 2002

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Capital Area Archivists was held on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 at the M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives at the University at Albany.

Present: Jean Root Mahalov, Molly Beisler, Brian Keough, Geoff Williams, Susan D’Entremont, Mark Wolfe, Bonita Weddle, Amy Schindler

Molly Beisler, Secretary, called the meeting to order at 4:20 p.m.

I. Minutes
The minutes of the September 8, 2002 meeting were approved.

II. Financial Report
Brian Keough submitted the Treasurer’s report for FY2002/03 (July – December 2002):
Checkbook balance, 07/1/02 $1,750.92

Revenue $40.00
Dues: $40.00

Expenses $150.00
Break Sponsorship, MARAC, Poughkeepsie
Fall 2002 conference – $150.00

Checkbook balance, 12/17/03 $1,640.92

III. Membership
There was no official membership report, but membership is down from last year. Mark is going to publicize CAA with the SAA student organization at SISP to try to attract some student members.

IV. CAA Newsletter
We are planning on having at least two newsletter per year. Brian suggested that we should time them to come out in time to announce Spring and Fall programs.

The next CAA newsletter will be coming out in Spring, 2003. The target date for mailing the newsletter is March 4, 2003. (March 1 was the date discussed at the meeting, but since that is a Saturday, March 4 makes more sense.) The deadline for submissions for the Spring newsletter is February 4, 2003. (Again, February 1 was the date discussed, but that is likewise a Saturday.)

The Fall newsletter deadline is August 20, 2003. We will try to have this issue out by September 15, 2003.

If you have any items you would like to submit for the next newsletter please send them to Molly Beisler (

V. Spring Program
The next CAA program will be in April 2002. Two options in Saratoga were proposed. If either of these locations works out, we will try to have the program on a Saturday morning, as getting to and from an evening program in Saratoga might be enough to keep people in the Albany area from going.

Jean and Susan once again brought up the possibility of the NYS Military Museum as the destination for the next CAA program. Due to concern about the Military Museum not being enough to draw people to Saratoga, other options were discussed. Amy suggested the Saratoga Racing Museum, as she knows one of the archivists there. She will see if there is anyone at the Museum who might be able to present something about what it was like working with people involved in the Seabiscuit movie. Amy is going to look into the possibility of the Racing Museum; if that will not work, she will let Susan know and Susan will pursue the Military Museum.

VI. Upcoming events
The next LOAC meeting is June 13-14, 2003, in Saratoga at Skidmore College. Geoff and Brian will look into finding some event CAA could sponsor at the meeting.

VII. Board Members
We still have no Vice-President. Brian is going to contact Chris Hunter to see if he would be interested. As we currently have no Board member from the New York State Archives, Molly will contact Bonnie Weddle to see if she would be interested. Several of the Board members on the roster and e-mail list have not attended any recent meetings, so Jean is going to contact them and confirm that they still wish to be on the Board.

VIII. Future meetings
The next meeting of the CAA Board will be on Thursday, February 20, 2003 at 4 p.m. at the M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives at the University at Albany.

We need to have an annual meeting open to all CAA members. We will try to have this in conjunction with the Spring program in April if we can get an appropriate space for the meeting.

IX. Other Business
Since the CAA sponsorship of a break at the last MARAC meeting was a success, Brian is going to look into doing it again for the next MARAC meeting and possibly for the LOAC meeting in June 2003.

Amy looked into getting a domain name for CAA’s web page, but it would end up being at least a couple of hundred dollars per year. Therefore we will not be acquiring a domain name. Instead, we are going to move the CAA web page to the University at Albany Special Collections and Archives web page and leave it there for the foreseeable future. Amy will determine what the new URL will be and she will notify the Board once the page is moved. We will need to publicize the new URL once we have it; Board members should put it on their institutions’ web pages if possible, and we will send and announcement to the Archives listserv.

Respectfully submitted,
Molly Beisler