Capital Area Archivists Amended Bylaws Vote

Ballots to vote on the amended Capital Area Archivists Bylaws were released on March 9th, 2022.

This is a vote to amend the existing Capital Area Archivists Constitution into the new Capital Area Archivists Bylaws. The new Bylaws also reference two supplemental documents, the Capital Area Archivists Code of Conduct and the Procedures for Responding to Violations of the Code of Conduct.

Ballots will remain open for 14 days and close on March 23rd, 2022.

Thank you to all who attended the open Zoom call and who provided feedback. We made one change based on the feedback we received. Previously Section 3.1(A) stated that “any member may be expelled from membership by a majority vote of the Governance Group without referencing any cause.” This was because it was adapted from Article 7.5 from the existing Constitution which states that “any Board Member may be removed without referencing a cause.” Section 3.1(A) has been changed to read that “members can only be expelled for violations of the Code of Conduct.”

We’ve decided to take an expansive interpretation of CAA members, as even with setting dues at $0 for the past two years there are many of you whose membership has technically expired. Thus, we’re sending ballots to the all recent members going back to 2017. There are a few members who we do not have email addresses. If you do not receive a ballot, please email gwiedeman[at] to receive one.

Thank you for participating!